SM Series Positive Displacement Vane Meter

Stepless adjusting mechanism allow a micro adjustment of the meter.
Special designed Manifold in line separates from measuring chamber to avoid stress coming from the installation.
Low head loss
Simple construction : Rotor - blades for easy and low maintenance cost .
Wearing compensation :To maintain a good accuracy all along the years.
Meter also for viscous products : up to 800 Cst.

Manifold: steel or Aluminium           Body: Ni-resist cast iron           Covers: Steel kanigen           Rotor: aluminium           Baldes: carbon
Bearings: stainless steel           Seals/ gaskets: viton

  1. Oil company: refineries, Oil depots, gas station and Tank trucks distribution
  2. Airports: aircraft refuellers
  3. Army: depot reception or loading trucks
  4. Administration (railway companies, public transport)
  5. Ports: Boats/barges
  6. Private oil transport companies
  Model SM-50 SM-80
  Size 50mm / 2 " 80mm / 3 "
  Volume Per Revolution 0.4L /0.08US Gallons 2.27L /0.5US Gallons
  Max. Flow Rate 24/ H     400L/min 80/ H     1333L/min
   105 US Gallon 360 US Gallon
  Min. Flow Rate 2.4/ H  40L/min 8/ H    133.3L/min
  10.5 US Gallon 36 US Gallon
  Accuracy ¡À0.2%
  Repeatability ¡Ü0.05%
8Bar/120PSI/8.3Kg/ 10Bar/150PSI/10.5Kg/
  Working Temperature
  Max. Viscosity 800cps/3850 SSU
  Net Weight 20Kg/44Lbs 56Kg/123Lbs
  Width 287mm 356mm
  Depth 235mm 370mm
  Height 406mm 405mm



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